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Surprise Surprise - The Troggs - Cellophane/Mixed Bag

6 thoughts on “ Surprise Surprise - The Troggs - Cellophane/Mixed Bag

  1. Shaktirr
    Tracklist: 1. Surprise Surprise, 2. You Can Cry If You Want To, 3. Say Darlin’, 4. Marbles And Some Gum, 5. Purple Shades, 6. Cellophane by The Troggs. From Nowhere by The Troggs. Au by The Troggs. Athens Andover by The Troggs. Live At Max’s Kansas City by The Troggs. View all albums > Mixed Bag. By: The Troggs ( / Rock) 1 4/5().
  2. Kimuro
    Cellophane & Mixed Bag, Troggs I don't know exactly who or what this album barnmezigrelvigor.infoinfo it isn't the Troggs! from John. All comments (1) Write comment.
  3. Shagore
    Sep 01,  · Cellophane / Mixed Bag by Troggs Audio CD $ Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Surprise Surprise - the Singles As & BS Marble and Some Gum - the Singles As & BS , Also of note, even though some early great album tracks are missing (like "Cousin Jane") since this is a singles comp, A LOT of the Troggs album tracks /5(19).
  4. Moogujin
    The Troggs ‎– Hip Hip Hooray – The Troggs: Surprise Surprise Written-By – Presley* Tracks originally released as the LP "Mixed Bag" in UK, with 1 (A1) and 7 (B1) swapped, and under this title in Germany 15, 22, and 23 were Reg Presley singles/5(9).
  5. Gozahn
    Nov 28,  · Was this the Troggs idea of, "All You Need Is Love"? or a "boy loves girl" song, maybe a little of both. Now, the album Mixed Bag is another story, it still has the Troggs signature of the basic rock/pop sound, but there is more psychedlic songs on this album, it was after all. The first song "Surprise, Surprise, is very good/5(5).
  6. Vut
    The Troggs was the name of the high school gang in the movie Bang Bang, You're Dead that persuade the main character to join them in attacking their high school. Trogg is the name of one of Bane's three henchmen in Dennis O'Neil's Batman: Knightfall comic barnmezigrelvigor.infoinfo: Garage rock, pop rock, proto-punk.

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