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6 thoughts on “ Useless... - Klaymore - Its Alive

  1. Bakinos
    Klaymore pays tribute to Metallica with a four-song EP of unrelenting thrash. If these covers get enough attention, we will do more by Metallica, so if you like what you hear, share it with a friend!Views:
  2. Tole
    It's Alive! Struggling with internal strife, We're gonna bring this creature to life, Without its presence you'll never feel whole, Your life will be missing a chunk of its soul. Never give up hope, Give it one more try, It's Alive! *Sean Solo* *Lee Solo* A murderer of serenity, A harvester of anxious screams.
  3. Naktilar
    The shark. because its the one who caused the conflict and all the following events to happen.
  4. Meztigar
    It’s only because we humans insist on finding “uses” for life that some of us eventually come to the conclusion that it is “useless,” meaning there nothing to be done with it. Do you equate “useless” with “meaningless”? If your own life holds no m.
  5. Gule
    We caught up with Klaymore, a band from Pittsburgh in the US who are developing a cult following. What inspired the name of the band, and your musical style? First of all, I just wanted to say that I’m a huge Morrowind fan, so being interviewed by you, Vivek, is an immense honor. I also Read More.
  6. Tojall
    I am a spinning blade, / And I'll split you in two, / I am a sinking ship, / That's going down on you. / No use in fighting now, / You've awakened the beast, /.

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