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Sonic Lords - Sonic Lords

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  1. Kazrara
    The Yagyu Lord is the factional leader of the Yagyu Clan of ninja thieves and the leader of the Yagyu Clan, serving the Iron Queen. (SU #14) History One of the Yagyu Lords was confronted by Monkey Khan, Liu Chi Mei, and Liu Fang after a spree of thefts in Leung Kar. The Yagyu Lord had them.
  2. Jugami
    Dec 18,  · Eggman really loves his pyramids, as we learn that he has built another one in the Green Hill Zone! Eggman, your obsession has gone too far! That's enough pyramids! For .
  3. Gagul
    the Sonic Lords baby factory reached the zenith of its heavy metal maturity and the band regrouped once again. At this point the lineup consisted of Marc, the founding guitarist, 'Pirate' Mike on bass, Nicky Sonic on vocals, and Rick Vengeance on the drums.

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